Person Centered Thinking and Disability Etiquette

happy family, person with downs syndrome in center

In this module we will discuss person centered thinking and disability etiquette. We will define person centered thinking and language, and review best practices for disability etiquette.

Having a Life:
Social Inclusion for People with IDD

Having A Life Social Inclusion for People with IDD VCU white and gold banner

In this module we will review the definition of social inclusion, what social inclusion means as it relates to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and implications for practice.


ASD and Co-Occurring Conditions

ASD and Co-Occurring Conditions blue with puzzle piece in center

In this module you will learn about co-occurring conditions as it relates to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

About COVID 19

COVID 19 picture of virus

About Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for People with Disabilities. A training done by the Partnership for People with Disabilities at VCU. 


Mental Health & Post-Secondary Transition for CLD Students with Disabilities 

 Students participating in a classroom setting

This module will discuss current interventions and practices of special education teachers and VR counselors' collaboration on mental health with the ability to support; social, emotional, and behavioral aspects for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) students with disabilities during transition.


Restraint and Seclusion

Black and white photo of student sitting in classroom alone

Learn more about restraint and seclusion. Focus on the operational definitions. Discuss current State and Federal Legislation.


Center For Family Involvement Transition Resource Modules

CFI logo- Green, White and blue, square shaped

Tool box for parents and students with disabilities who are from diverse backgrounds. It covers topics around the transition team and processes. 



Autism: Early Identification

African American woman with African American Autistic young girl

This online module consists of information and resources focused on Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Introduction to Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Photo of Module Cover Page

A brief introduction to neurodevelopmental disabilities by    Dr. Jennifer Accardo.


Sexuality and Developmental Disabilities

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An introduction to the topic of sexuality and developmental disabilities.



Social Model of Disability and Ableism

Screenshot of image- three people with physical disabilities

An introduction to the social model of disability and the concept of ableism.