Long Term Non-Academic - 300 Hours 

Long Term Non-Academic Trainees have an individualized program based on a combination of clinical and other training experiences. They do not enroll in Seminar or practicum courses but may attend up to 12 class sessions (60 classroom hours) chosen from Seminar I or Seminar II. Trainees in this category complete a Family Mentorship Experience and a Leadership Project and may participate in Va-LEND Interdisciplinary Clinics. In addition, trainees complete at least 30 hours in disability policy-related activities. Trainees work with their academic advisors to develop a plan of training and clinical experience that yields the required number of hours. 

Length of Time:  Can be completed in 1 or 2 academic years.  

Requirements for Admission:  Applicants in the professional disciplines must have the terminal degree required by the discipline and access to clinical practice settings or be working in the community. People with disabilities and their family members without a graduate or undergraduate degree can also be considered for admission to the Non-Academic Track. 

Who Should Apply:  Work in a Va-LEND Discipline, Family or Self Advocate.