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Va-LEND Kit Hammar (class of 2018) Throws First Pitch!

Inclusion Day was held August 21, 2022 for the Richmond Squirrels Baseball team. The event was held at the Diamond Baseball field.

White male throwing baseball pitch

White male throwing baseball pitch


Former Trainee- Making A Difference in the Latinx Community


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 Recent Va-LEND graduate Fiorella Carrillo-Kimbrough volunteers with Caminos, a Richmond-based support group that works with Spanish-speaking families with children who have autism or other neurodevelopmental disabilities. The group incorporates the use of cultural brokers and provides culturally appropriate education and support. Carrillo-Kimbrough who both has a Masters' in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University and speaks Spanish helps to ease the language and cultural barriers that often affects those who do not use English as their primary language. Carrillo-Kimbrough noted the importance of being able to guide, support and educate families. This allows the families to increase their parental skills, their knowledge of complex systems to support their children and gives them a sense of empowerment and feeling of belonging, she said. "I learned about Caminos through an educational webinar that was offered through the Va-LEND program. Learn more about how Fiorella is making a difference.